Thursday, 20 July 2017

Don’t get caught when SARS or the Department of Labour chooses your company for an audit.

You might think that if you pay your taxes and SARS has never queried anything with you before, then you're safe from an audit but SARS also does random and cyclical audits.

Having up to date policies as supporting documents to assist with SARS audit questionnaires and to protect your business from being dragged to the CCMA is to have the relevant policy in place.

Clear and concise HR policies are important so that employees are able to understand the rules and regulations within the organisation.

Failing to implement policies leaves an organisation open to legal challenges and grievances from the employees, especially if the company inconsistently applies the HR policies to various employees. This can lead to increased costs that affect your profits due to time wasted on not following the procedures. 

Most businesses forget that if they don’t have a policy in place to handle situations, common practice becomes the defining policy, regardless of the details.

Finding Shapes in association with Norman Brett and Associates can now assist your company to compile a proper contract of employment - and placing into that contract, all the necessary requirements and policies to bind the employee. It is even becoming more necessary now to embody company policies and procedures into the contract - not all of them, perhaps, but certainly the more important ones.

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